"Bruno takes 2 points of damage. Not enough to kill him, but the spider's bite is poison. Bruno rolls his saving throw against poison, fails to make it, and dies a horrible death." -Dr. Eric Holmes, "The Blue Book" (D&D 1978)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

What's this blog about?

FRP Stuff.  Monsters.  Tables.   Classes.  Traps.  Characters.  Encounters.  Rooms.  Dungeons.  Maps.  Modules.  Art.  Artists.  Rules.  Musings.  Etc.  With an old school vibe.

Also comic books.  (Especially to argue who’s the greatest, Kirby or Ditko :) ).  Adventure fiction.  70s/80s TV/movies too.  Other stuff (?). 

btw, it’s ditko, Ditko, DITKO!!!

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