"Bruno takes 2 points of damage. Not enough to kill him, but the spider's bite is poison. Bruno rolls his saving throw against poison, fails to make it, and dies a horrible death." -Dr. Eric Holmes, "The Blue Book" (D&D 1978)

Monday, April 9, 2012

[My Art] Header

So as you can see I drew up a header, depicting Bruno's unfortunate expiration.

The entire illustration:

Call it, "Bruno's Demise, or A Failed Save."

As you might well recognize, the spider is something of an attempt to pay tribute to one of the greats, Dave Trampier's classic illustration in the 1e MM:
Mine is so unworthy next to that!  Wow.  Oh well.  Tramp is so evocative, compelling, unique.  Just Awesome.

('Though Sutherland is my personal favorite!).

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  1. I like your artwork. Do you have any more illustrations?

    1. Thank you Desert Scribe! Greatly appreciated. A hobby of mine, something I enjoy. More will be coming here.