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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Tegel Manor IRL

This is Humboldt Palace in Germany, a Renaissance manor.  According to this source, it later housed a sanatorium, then a manufacturing facility, and a broadcasting station.  In the park is a tomb, where Humboldt family members are buried. 

Humboldt Palace is the Tegel district, and is also known as Tegel Palace... Tegel Manor in real life.

This is very old news: the following letter and response appeared in the Aug/Sep '79 issue of The Judges Guild Journal, #16:

"Dear Sirs, I have been playing your game Tegel Manor for about 9 months now, and I am a HAM radio operator.  I was wondering if Tegel Manor does exist in real life?  So, I happen to be looking at a map of Berlin, West Germany, and found the town of Tegel in North West Berlin.  So I started to get as many West German radio stations hoping to get Berlin and I did several and asked if they knew of Tegel manor and they did.  I wrote to him and got a picture of Tegel Manor by Tegeler See.  I was wondering if you at Judges Guild knew there was a real Tegel Manor?"

And the response:

"We at the Guild were unaware of the 'The' Tegel Manor.  Ours was set up based on the Bob Bledsaw's, illustrious founder and DM, own campaign, wherein he used a general manor-house architecture for Tegel.  Thanks for the picture.  Is truth stranger than fiction?  I wonder if anybody has visited the manor lately."

There is an grainy pic in the Journal.

Here is Tegeler See (Lake Tegel):

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  1. I know I'd read or heard this before, but I forgot all about it.

    I really need to dig out Tegel Manor and flip through it again - just too much fun stuff in there.